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March 2023 RNR issue-43

Issue 43, March 2023

In this issue

We hear about a koala rescue from a Hill’s Hoist, learn about a special group lovingly hand crafting pouches, wraps and bags for our wildlife, discover animal collision hotspots in Queensland and learn some tips ‘n’ tricks from wildlife carer Terise. We hope you enjoy this jam packed issue, drop us a line at editor@qwrc.org.au and let us know what you enjoyed and what you’d like to see in the next issue.

This is a big issue 19mb so if you have slow internet please allow it time to load.

RnR back issues

2022 Issues 41 & 42

Issue 41, March 2022

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Rnr Issue 41

In this issue:
Petey the possum’s journey to safety.
Carer’s profile – meet our new district rep!
Can you identify this baby bird? test your skills.
Judy Elliott reviews a wildlife care book for us.
Rainbow lorikeet paralysis syndrome – what is it, what are the symptoms and how do we treat it?
Plus plenty more.

Issue 42, September 2022

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Rnr Issue 42

In this issue:
Bundaberg rep helps rescue baby snakes.
Enjoy a cuppa over “diary of a sunbird family”
To love a wildlife rescuer – do you relate?
Membership application form now online
Plus plenty more.
2021 Issues 39 & 40

Issue 39, March 2021

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Rnr Issue 39 June 2020

In this issue:
Presidents Report.
From the Editor.
Prickles the orphaned Echidna.
Pond with a view – Bobbie Westerland.
Tips on Becoming Incorporated.
Watch & Act.
Did you know.
Hints & Tips.
Daintree Life – Planting for the future.
Out & about.
Buff Banded Rail – Gallirallus philippensis.

Issue 40, September 2021

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RnR issue 40 September 2021

In this issue:

Judy Elliott gives us an update on Echidna Puggle Prickles.

Read about the great work organisation KLAWS are doing in south east Qld.

Participate in the testing and launch of the ifaw Wildlife Rescue App.

New QWRC membership application form.

Meet Linda Karlsen in our Carers Profile.

Courtesy of Connie Kerr, read the three page feature ‘two special orphans’.

2020 Issues 37 & 38

Issue 37, June 2020

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Rnr Issue 37 June 2020

In this issue:

Carer Profile — New Councillor Connie Kerr.
Importance of Wild Foods.
Lorikeet Paralysis Syndrome.
AWRC latest news—new date.
Hints and Tips for Carers.
Tips on Becoming Incorporated.
Koala Mapping Project.
Treasured Books for Sale.

Issue 38, December 2020

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RnR issue 38 December 2020

In this issue:

Calling on Landowners – The Wombat Foundation.
Carers Profile Leonie Jifkins.
Incorporated What meetings you are to hold.
The Rescue Collective & founder Nicole Blums.
The Code of Practice – Enclosure minimum sizes required .

2019 Issues 35 & 36

Issue 36, September 2019

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Rnr Issue 36 September 2019

In this issue:

Green Heroes
Puggle rescue
How to become Incorporated
Carer Profile — Jodi Jones
Technology and Training
Wildlife Rescue Australia
Positive self-care

Issue 35, March 2019

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RnR issue 35 March 2019

In this issue:

Zoonoses — Q fever
Thoughts of a wildlife carer
Spotter Catcher issues
Bullying chart
Displaying Wildlife in Public
Carer profile — Lana Field
Little Aggie —Whiptail wallaby
Australian Wildlife Rescue Inc

2018 Issues 33 & 34

Issue 34, September 2018

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RnR Issue 34, September 2018

In this issue:

Vet Advice
AWRC report
Carer profile — Carol Cosentino
Australian Wildlife Rescue Inc
Working with your vet
Saving Jackson the roo
Book Review – Wombaroo birds

Issue 33, March 2018

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RnR Issue 33, September 2018

In this issue:

Carer profile — Kim Palmer
Saving Goldie the Brushtail
Little the Grey kangaroo
Figbird Chicks
Rakali – the water rat
Springfield Lakes – nestboxes
War on Plastic Waste

2017 Issues 31 & 32

Issue 32, September 2017

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RnR Issue 32 September 2017

In this issue:

Carer profile — Ian/Andrea Gottke
Cyclone Debbie
Brush-tailed phascogale
Herbert’s rock wallaby
Technology for groups
Grant Ideas

Issue 31, March 2017

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RnR Issue 31, March 2017

In this issue:

Flying fox baby re-united
Angel’s story
Barbed wire entrapment
RSPCA wildlife database
Carer profile — Christine Wynne
Hand-rearing micro bats
Cocos Palms
Bat Crèche
Flying fox mating season

2016 Issues 29 & 30

Issue 30, September 2016

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RnR Issue 30 September 2016

In this issue:

Wildlife Review submission
Carer Profile – Sarah Luke
PetPep program
Olive-backed sunbirds
Beak and Feather disease
AWRC report
Hints and Tips
A Bird in the Hand

Issue 29, March 2016

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RnR Issue 29, March 2016

In this issue:

Carer Profile – Paula Rowlands
Bush rat babies
Emu release
Mahogany gliders
Glider haven
Funding for carers
Hints and Tips

2015 Issues 27 & 28

Issue 28, September 2015

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RnR Issue 28 September 2015

In this issue:

Hints and Tips
Carer Profile – Kristy Philliskirk
Whitsunday Turtle Rescue
Cyclone Marcia wreaks havoc
RSPCA Wacol hospital
Abandoned roo joey
Quoin Island Turtle Centre
Wildlife survey paper

Issue 27, March 2015

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RnR Issue 27, March 2015

In this issue:

Hints and Tips
Carer Profile – Dr Karen Coombes
Tree roo rescue and conservation
That’s not a mouse
Tiny Creature
Leaf-nosed bat
Blossom bat
Golls Sweatshop
Henry’s long nails

2014 Issues 25 & 26

Issue 26, September 2014

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RnR Issue 26 September 2014

In this issue:

QWRC Products
Australian Wildlife Conference
Hints and Tips
Rescuer Profile – Denise McLean
Microwave humidicribs
Becky’s story
RSPCA hospital — Lorikeets
Birth of a roo
Brown tree snake

Issue 25, March 2014

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RnR Issue 25, March 2014

In this issue:

QWRC Products
Australian Wildlife Conference
Hints and Tips
Rescuer Profile – Sandra McKay
Wildlife Vet – Top Ten Tips
Peregrine falcon rescue
RSPCA hospital — microbat surgery
Powerful owl rescue
Wildlife training workshops

2013 Issues 23 & 24

Issue 24, September 2013

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RnR Issue 24 September 2013

In this issue:

Vale Pat O’Brien
Australian Wildlife Conference
Hints and Tips
Carer Profile – Madonna O’Brien
Wildlife vet – Amphibian chytrid
Australian Raptor Conference
Mysterious World of Microbats
RSPCA hospital — a Precious Tale
Rural Fire Brigade workshop

Issue 23, March 2013

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RnR Issue 25, March 2014

In this issue:

QWRC Training Workshops
Hatching Kingfisher Eggs
Carer Profile – Gill Brownhill
Wildlife Vet — Importance of Poo
Spotter Catchers
Wildlife Land Trust
Code of Practice
Carcase Tags

2012 Issues 21 & 22

Issue 22, September 2012

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RnR Issue 22 September 2012

In this issue:

Pablo’s Story
Emerging Virus in Australia
Gabby and George, Pelicans
Hints and Tips
Carer Profile – Donna Anthony
Townsville Conference Reports
Training Workshops
Legal Wording for Loans
Wildlife Rehabilitation Forum

Issue 21, March 2012

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RnR Issue 21, March 2012

In this issue:

Wildlife Vet – Botulism
Myrtle rust in Queensland
Hints and Tips
Carer Profile – Linden Baker
A Blue of a Tale – teats
Grow Your Own ….crickets
Long Grass Systems Records
Sea World Turtle Release
RSPCA – Wacol Animal Campus

2011 Issues 19 & 20

Issue 20, September 2011

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RnR Issue 20 September 2011

In this issue:

Wildlife Vet — PBFD Poster
DERM/RSPCA Partnership
Hints and Tips
Carer Profile – Robyn Millington
Wildlife Rescue — Brushtail possum
Grow Your Own ….mealworms
Hendra virus
RSPCA – Wildlife Heroes
RSPCA – Wacol Animal Campus

Issue 19, March 2011

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RnR Issue 19, March 2011

In this issue:

RSPCA Qld – Fairfield flooded
Poem – A Mother Kangaroo’s Plea
Hints and Tips
Carer Profile – Sylvia Whiting
Wildlife Rescue — Shark!
Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns
A Funny Thing Happened……!
Wildlife Vet – Homeopathic
Carcase Tags
QWRC Disaster Appeal
RSPCA – 1300Animal Co-ordinator

2010 Issues 17 & 18

Issue 18, September 2010

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RnR Issue 18 September 2010

In this issue:

Insurance via QWRC policy
Hints on becoming Incorporated
Hints and Tips
Carer Profile—Anne Marie Dineen
Wildlife Vet –
RSPCA – 1300Animal
National Wildlife Conference
Wildlife Rescue—Boobook Owl
Wildlife Carer Reflects….

Issue 17, March 2010

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RnR Issue 17, March 2010

In this issue:

Australian Bat Lyssavirus
Hints on becoming Incorporated
Hatching Eggs
Hints and Tips
Carer Profiles – Harry Kunz & Karin Taup
Oz Zoo Rescue Unit – Joey reunited
Fundraising ideas
Wildlife Vet – Aspiration Pneumonia
RSPCA – Microchipping

2009 Issues 15 & 16

Issue 16, September 2009

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RnR Issue 16 September 2009

In this issue:

Bat Hospital Visitor Centre
Hints on Incorporation
Percy’s Road to Recovery
Wildlife and Oil don’t mix
Carer Profile – Stacey Gordon
Oz Zoo Rescue Unit – Turtle
RSPCA – Bob Irwin
Raptor Aviary
Roadkill Survey
Carer Hints & Tips –
Wildlife Vet – Hints

Issue 15, March 2009

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RnR Issue 15, March 2009

In this issue:

Carer Profile – Sonya Street
Oz Zoo Rescue Unit
Biosecurity Qld — Exhibited Animals
Wildlife Vet – Exudative Dermatitis
RSPCA– New Look + 1300 ANIMAL
Roadkill Survey
Carer Hints & Tips – Waterfowl chicks
QWRC’s Endorsement Process

2008 Issues 13 & 14

Issue 14, September 2008

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RnR Issue 14 September 2008

In this issue:

P4 puggle
Carer Profile
Wildlife Land Trust
Roo Rescue Gone Bad
Wildlife Vet – Hydatid disease
Roadkill Survey
Carer Hints & Tips
Membership Special

Issue 13, March 2008

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RnR Issue 13, March 2008

In this issue:

Carer Profile
’Quilpie’ the puggle
Vet etiquette
RSPCA — 1300 ANIMAL Wildlife Vet – Coccidiosis
If you can’t release – there is another option
Survey Carer Hints & Tips

2007 Issues 11 & 12

Issue 12, September 2007

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RnR Issue 12 September 2007

In this issue:

Carer Profiles
Macropods & Dogs
Q & A — QWRC Forums
Cataract Survey
Tammy‘s Tale
Seizuring in Frogmouths
Understanding Your Duty of Care
Snakes Alive – Beware

Issue 11, March 2007

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RnR Issue 11, March 2007

In this issue:

Reflecting on Larry
Memoirs of “Shoebox”
Hendra Virus update
The Wildlife Vet
Reflecting on Larry
Carer profile
QWRC Forums
Burns and wildlife
Who Am I?
Know the Code

2006 Issues 9 & 10

Issue 10, September 2006

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RnR Issue 10 September 2006

In this issue:

Chair’s report
Thorpie the whistling kite
The wildlife vet
carer profile – Karen Scott 5 – What drug is that?
The story of Isaac the koala 7 – Glider aviary
The importance of being common
Catching pelicans
rescue tips
Who Am I?
Contacting QWRC
Know thy acronym

Issue 09, March 2006

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RnR Issue 09, March 2006

In this issue:

Minister signs memoran- dum of understanding
Bat Rescue, Gold Coast
The humble moggy – friend or foe?
feral species – the fox
special insert – flying fox sur- vey
feral species – red eared slider
Carer profile
Avian Influenza
Who Am I?

2005 Issues 7 & 8

Issue 8, July 2005

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RnR Issue 8  July 2005

In this issue:

Profile – Irene Robertson
Baby bats fly home
Rehabilitating a Pacific baza
Volunteering at Queensland Museum
Energex and Bat Rescue form a partnership
National Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference details and
registration form
Raising plovers
Bertie the cockatoo takes on a beer truck
Profile – Margaret Chistison

Issue 7, January 2005

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RnR Issue 7, January 2005

In this issue:

Carer profile
QWRC contacts
Who Am I?
Life of an RSPCA ambo
Tracking an echidna on Magnetic Island
Feature – Koalas
Rosie’s Wrap
News from QWRC

2004 Issues 5 & 6

Issue 6, July 2004

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RnR Issue 6  July 2004

In this issue:

Minister’s message
Fanta’s story
BattySearch results
David Dique
Brolga tale
Duckling identification
Lulu’s story
Who am I?
Sharon Oakley
Bat Rescue Group
The “Crow Lady”
Rosie’s Wrap
Julie “Chook” Larson
Herbert the Bush hen

Issue 5, January 2004

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RnR Issue 5, January 2004

In this issue:

Hot roof shuffle
Sharing information
Julie Zyzniewski
Carers work for
Post release blues
Cassowary feature
Helen Darbellay
Carers’ happy snaps
Rosie’s wrap
Who am I?
Cross country
Jabiru’s farewell

2003 Issues 3 & 4

Issue 4, July 2003

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RnR Issue 4 July 2003

In this issue:

Artistic Helen Clarke Who am I?
Botulism cure? Rosie’s Wrap
Rock wallaby feature
Carer profile
Healthy bait bags
Antechinus care
QPWS news
Supply business
Avian malaria
Saving the bristlebird

Issue 3, January 2003

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RnR Issue 3, January2003

In this issue:

Pig returns
Rosie’s Wrap
Letters to the Editor
Barn owls yarn
Quoll feature
Profile – Jenny Parsons
Flying-fox count
Help us investigate
Wildcare news
Zoos role in wildlife care

2002 Issues 1 & 2

Issue 2, July 2002

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RnR Issue 2 July 2002

In this issue:

Furbee the greater glider
Profile – Annabelle Olsson
Feeding tips with Rosemary Booth
Updating Wildnet
Australian Seabird Rescue
Queensland branch news
Who are we?
Profile – Christiane Roetgers
Sarah volunteers for Nature Search
World-first dugong release
Deb’s wildlife diary
Insurance tips
Mellissa the bilby

Issue 1, January 2002

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RnR Issue 1, January 2002

In this issue:

Wildlife care education
Editorial Talking on the wild side
Wildlife care and rehabilitation what can we learn?
Planting for wildlife
Carers in profile
Carers help endangered
Wildlife ways
Deb’s wildlife diary
Carers’ corner
Vaccinations for lyssavirus