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District 1: Northern Region

Cape York / Dry Tropics / Gulf

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Position Vacant

District 1

District 2: Northern Region

Wet Tropics / Cairns Marine


Connie Pinson- [Secretary]

Cow Bay Qld.

Phone: 07 40989056   (click to call)

I live in the Daintree and have been working with Wildlife for 20 years, starting out originally in Mid North Coast NSW with Wires.
I predominantly work with Bats and Flying-foxes, including presenting Bat Training throughout Australia.
I am also trained and experienced with Birds and Small Mammals (mainly Bandicoots and Melomys) and have some limited experience with Possums.
I have previously been both President and Vice President in various Wildlife Groups.
In my spare time, my partner and I run a business called Daintree Life and in the last 18 months have begun rainforest revegetation work in the Daintree. To date we have planted over 7,000 trees – expanding wildlife habitat. For all carers one of the hardest things about getting animals into care is being able to release them with the knowledge that they can be returned to the wild with sufficient habitat to sustain them.
I am also an avid photographer, with a strong interest in Wildlife and Nature photography.
I hope as the District Rep for Far North Qld, to be able to be a conduit for QWRC Wildlife members/Carers in this area and would like to encourage all members from the area to feel free to contact me for help.

District 2

District 3: Northern Region

Savannah / Townsville Marine

Kym Chiesa avitar

Kym Chiesa


Phone: 0417 211 918 (click to call)

I found myself caring for wildlife after retiring from a 30 year career in the Australian Army and have now completed formal training for many species. Whilst predominantly a macropod carer, I also care for other species. I have always been passionate about the welfare of animals and have been a volunteer across several animal welfare organisations in the past, such as the RSPCA. I have also been involved in the training of therapy animals. Whilst my training activities with therapy animals has been scaled back, I still make regular visits to aged care facilities with therapy animals, as they bring great joy to our more senior members of the community.

I have previously been a member of a wildlife group including holding an executive committee position and now together with my husband Steve, who is also a qualified wildlife carer, operate a private sanctuary under our individual permit. We have a 20 acre property in Nome, just south of Townsville. We moved to this property in late 2022 with the intent of utilising all the land and facilities for wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release. We now find ourselves also rescuing farm animals who are in need of a home for life. Our sanctuary has grown much larger than ever anticipated and Steve has had to build more macropod pens due to the number of macropods requiring care and finding their way to our gates by both other carers and very caring members of the public. We also assist local wildlife groups and carers who posses individual permits, with the staging and final release of wildlife they have had in their care.

We get very little spare time, but when we do, we love spending it with our 2 beautiful grand daughters and teaching them about the animals we have in care. Children hold the keys to the security of our wildlife into the future and relationships with wildlife formed whilst young will amount to great ambassadors for their safety into the future. This belief has lead me to do educational presentations to provide information to our younger members of the community.

Supporting each other through our caring journey is the catalyst to creating an environment that provides the opportunity for all members to feel equal. Every member has knowledge that they bring to the table and should feel valued and c respected. If I can be of any assistance to any carer or member, I would be only too happy to do so. None of us has all the knowledge, so if I don’t have an immediate answer to your question, I will endeavour to find out. QWRC has also provided each District Representative with Resource Manuals to assist with the research of information you may require. Please do not hesitate to make contact with me if I can be of assistance in any way.

District 3

District 4: Central Region

Mackay / Whitsunday

Kirsty Black avitar

Kirsty Black

Andergrove Mackay

Phone: 0498 158 114 (click to call)
email: ak1.black@bigpond.com (click to email)

I have been an avid animal lover my whole life. I was always “that” kid bringing home stray animals, we had an enormous fig tree at my childhood home that was home to so many creatures.

As soon as I was 18 I registered to be a wildlife rehabilitator. Then – marriage, children and life happened.
Early 2019 – we witnessed a baby possum fall from a tree in the middle of the day. We rescued him, kept him safe and warm until later that night when we reunited bub and mum.

This simple act ignited a long ignored passion inside of me that I didn’t realise I had and steered me back to my wildlife.

Since then I have attended formal Bat Training, Macropod Training, Advanced Macropod Training, Koala Training and as many other trainings as I can find. I have created many life long friendships. I have been on wildlife group committees and still am on a local wildlife group committee.

I also hold an individual permit and just registered our land with Land for Wildlife and the Wildlife Heritage Land Trust.

I’m very passionate about Responsible Rehabilitation- ie: giving our animals the very best chance possible at being released. Knowing when to be hands on and hands off. Knowing the code of practice inside and out with cage/enclosure requirements.
Networking with other groups and individuals to find buddies and release sites.

I’m constantly striving to create a cohesive and supportive wildlife community.

I am always just a phone call away if anyone needs anything and will help wherever I can. If I don’t know the answer to a question, I will always be able to source out someone who does.

District 4

District 5 Central Region

Capricorn / Gladstone

Janet Irvine avitar

Janet Irvine – [Treasurer – Membership Secretary]

Rosedale Qld.

Phone: 0411 254 661 (click to call)
email: janet-irvine@hotmail.com (click to email)

District 5

District 6: Central Region


Kim Palmer

Kim Palmer – [Chairperson]

Muttaburra Qld.

Phone: 0436 366 452 (click to call)
I have lived in Muttaburra, part of Barcaldine Regional Council, for over 15 years. I have, along with my husband, been caring for animals and birds both here and in North Brisbane for over 20 years. I feel district 6 will benefit from having a representative who can voice the concerns of members and carers in our remote area.

District 6

District 7: Southern Region

Wide Bay Burnett / Great Sandy

Vale Judy

Position Vacant

Vale Judy


District 7

District 8 Southern Region

South West

Lea Macken avitar

Lea Macken

Hungerford Qld.

Phone: 0428 437 984 (limited service) (click to call)

District 8

District 9 Southern Region


Terise Hungerford avitar

Terise Hungerford

Dalby Qld.

Phone: 0448 814 882 (click to call)

My first memories of caring for macropods was in my early pre teen years. Many years ago! Bex powder bottles used for formula and half the linen cupboard keeping the joeys warm hanging around the No.7 kitchen wood stove. I have lived within District 9 Toowoomba for the majority of my life.

As the representative for the district I hope to build a rapport with members to establish shared concerns and aim to improve standards and outcomes of our native wildlife rehabilitation and release throughout Queensland.

I hope members will engage with me by contacting me, allow me to advocate on their behalf as a Councillor and the collaborative climate the committee is founded on in representing wildlife rehabilitators.

District 9 Toowoomba members can email me at wildlifedalby@gmail.com.
I look forward to hearing from you!

District 9

District 10: Southern Region

Sunshine Coast / Southern Marine

Glendell Appleford

Glendell Appleford

Wivenhoe Pocket Qld.

Phone: 0413 453 722 (click to call)

I became a registered wildlife carer ten years ago after completing a Wildlife Conservation Course. I had promised myself that once I left my nursing career, I would direct my activities towards conservation and wildlife management. I am currently a member of the Ipswich Koala Protection Society, S.W.A.G (Student Wildlife Association Gatton), W.P.S.Q. (Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland) and an Honorary Park Ranger with Ipswich City Council.

As a generalist wildlife carer, I have great pleasure in caring for all our creatures, great and small from the tiniest feathertail glider which I rescued and raised from five grams through to the big kangaroos. I am also passionate about the birds and bats in my belfry as well. My greatest pleasure is being able to release all of these beautiful creatures back to their natural habitat. However, my greatest sadness is that their habitat is disappearing at an alarming rate. This is why I believe that we need to stay acutely aware of what is happening and to try to ensure that there will be suitable habitats and management of our wildlife for future generations. How privileged we are to share our lives with such unique wildlife.

I am available to discuss any areas of concern that wildlife rehabilitators encounter either by telephone, email or ‘snail mail.’ I look forward to hearing from you.

District 10

District 11: Southern Region

South East / Moreton Bay

Lana Field avitar

Lana Field

Brisbane Qld.

Phone: 0412 036 655 (click to call)

District 11


Chairperson – Kim Palmer

Phone: 0436 366 452 (click to call)

Vice Chairperson – Lea Macken

Phone: 0428 437 984 (click to call)

Secretary – Connie Pinson

Phone: 07 40 989 056 (click to call)

Treasurer – Janet Irvine

Phone: 0411 254 661 (click to call)

Membership Secretary – Janet Irvine

Phone: 0411 254 661 (click to call)



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