Queensland Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

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Become part of a supportive community with access to a network of carers for only an Annual (1 Jan – 31 Dec) Membership cost of AU$20.

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Membership Benefits

  1. Membership of the State representative body.
    By being a member of QWRC you are strengthening the voice of all wildlife rehabilitators across the State. Help us to make your voice heard for the good of our precious native wildlife
  2. A collective voice for rehabilitation.
    If you want to see changes made they are more likely to happen if it is many people asking for the same thing at the same time rather than a few here or there. Join us and make your voice heard.
  3. Access to a network of carers across the State.
    Gain contact with all QWRC members across the State. As our membership continues to grow so you gain contact with more members which relates to more access to help with wildlife rehabilitation when you need it.
  4. Financial membership offers cover under QWRC’s Public Liability and Volunteer Workers Insurance policies.
    As an individual member you gain insurance cover should you become injured whilst involved in your volunteer work and become unable to work. Wildlife rehab groups gain Public Liability cover which allows them to fund raise for their group.
  5. Support with wildlife rehabilitation and welfare.
    We produce, for your use, Best Practice Guidelines on a variety of subjects and will continue to support all wildlife rehabilitators as they strive for higher standards of animal welfare.
  6. Access to professional advice, information and data.
    We do all we can to help our members have access to professional advice and information.
  7. Access to QWRC’s Best Practice Guidelines.
    QWRC’s Best Practice Guidelines on a variety of subjects are designed to be stored in an A4 display book for ready reference. We are also open to suggestions for more topics to add to this folio.
  8. RnR newsletter twice a year
    QWRC’s great little newsletter the RnR is produced for our members in March and September of each year. Members can choose whether they receive this by hard or electronic copy.
  9. QWRC’s Quotes member’s update
    In January and June of each year we update our members with a small issue of QWRC’s Quotes.
  10. Eligibility to nominate for a position as a QWRC District representative.
    To provide the best possible support and contact with our members QWRC has divided Queensland into eleven [11] districts. Each district should have a district committee of elected members from their district. The chairperson of that district committee is the district representative on the QWRC Council.
  11. Eligibility to vote at all QWRC elections.
    All financial QWRC members are eligible to vote at the annual QWRC elections. Elections are held in even numbered districts one year and odd numbered districts the next to ensure there are always some experienced person on the QWRC Council.
  12. Help to build a strong council to advocate on your behalf.
    Your membership of QWRC, commitment to QWRC and support of QWRC will help to build a strong council to advocate on your behalf.
  13. Access to the member’s section of our web site.
    Only through membership of QWRC will you gain access to the special members section of our web site.

If you join QWRC from October 1st in any year your membership will be valid until December 31st of the following year. That is 3 months for free!

To become a member of QWRC, please complete all details on the Membership Application Form ( link below ) then insert digital signature or print, sign, then scan and email to: secretary@qwrc.org.au


Post to: – The Secretary
P.O. Box 488
Archerfield Qld 4108

Membership Application Form – please complete details electronically, then insert digital signature or print, sign, then scan document.

New online membership form coming soon