QWRC Constitution


  1. Association Name
    The association is to be known as:
    1. Queensland Wildlife Rehabilitation Council Inc.
    2. Queensland Wildlife Rehabilitation Council Inc. will be referred to throughout this document as QWRC.
  2. Mission Statement
    The mission statement of QWRC is:
    1. To direct, guide, and improve standards and outcomes of native wildlife rehabilitation and release, throughout Queensland.
    2. The slogan of QWRC is "Representing Wildlife Rehabilitators"
  3. Aims & Objectives
    The aims and objectives of QWRC are:
    1. To be the peak representative organisation for the wildlife rehabilitation industry in Queensland. The council will focus on ensuring excellent welfare for native animals during and post rehabilitation to achieve, compliment and advance conservation benefits and outcomes.
    2. To provide a collective voice across the state on wildlife rehabilitation issues and other issues deemed appropriate to the council.
    3. The council will act as an independent advisory council to relevant State government departments and all elements of the wildlife rehabilitation industry. The council will also nominate a representative to participate in any future ministerial advisory committees if requested.
    4. To participate, in conjunction with relevant industry bodies, in developing standards and training for the wildlife care industry.
    5. To seek appropriate standards for the husbandry of animals during rehabilitation.
    6. To monitor the quality and viability of wildlife care to ensure the welfare of the animals in care is maintained.
    7. To liaise with all relevant government departments in the development and implementation of standards and codes of practice for the husbandry of all native wildlife.
    8. To further the aims and objects of the code of practice for wildlife care.
    9. To promote and maintain the philosophy of wildlife care for the purposes of rehabilitation and release, conservation, education and research.
    10. To collect, assemble and disseminate accurate information on all aspects of wildlife care, rehabilitation and release.
    11. To generally promote the aims and purposes of the council.
    12. To undertake any such programs and activities as is deemed appropriate by a majority vote of the members.
    13. To use the QWRC structure to provide assistance to rehabilitators and the department in resolution of any issues or disputes.

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