QWRC Constitution

Schedule 3 – QWRC Public Funds | back

  1. The objective of the Fund is to support QWRC’s environmental aims and objectives.
  2. Members of the public are invited to make gifts of money or property to the Fund for the environmental aims and objectives of QWRC.
  3. Money from interest on donations, income derived from donated property, and money from the realisation of such property is to be deposited into the Fund.
  4. A separate bank account is to be opened to deposit money donated to the Fund, including interest accruing thereon, and gifts to it are to be kept separate from other funds of QWRC.
  5. Receipts are to be issued in the name of the Fund and proper accounting records and procedures are to be kept and used for the Fund.
  6. The Fund will be operated on a not-for-profit basis.
  7. Public Fund Management Committee:
    1. A committee of management of no fewer than three persons will administer the Fund.
    2. The committee will be appointed by QWRC’s Executive Council.
    3. A majority of the members of the committee are required to a have degree of responsibility to the wider community of Australia as defined in Taxation Ruling TR 95/27 Income Tax: public funds.

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