QWRC Constitution

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The state of Queensland has been divided into three (3) regions, being the Northern, Central and Southern. These districts are subject to change.

Each region is divided into districts.

The Northern Region encompasses three (3) districts.
District one (1) covers Cape York, the dry tropics and the Gulf. District two (2) is the Wet Tropics and Cairns Marine while District three (3) covers the Savannah and Townsville Marine

The Central Region encompasses three (3) districts.
District four (4) covers Mackay and the Whitsunday’s. District five (5) covers Capricornia and Gladstone while District six (6) covers the Longreach area.

The Southern Region encompasses five (5) districts.
District seven (7) covers Wide Bay Burnett / Great Sandy. District eight (8) covers the South West. District nine (9) covers the area including Toowoomba. District ten (10) covers the Sunshine Coast / Southern Marine while District eleven (11) covers the South East / Morton Bay.

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