QWRC Constitution

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  1. Function
    The function of QWRC will be to:
    1. Improve wildlife rehabilitation in Queensland, by providing proactive advice to the department and all stakeholders on wildlife rehabilitation, strategies and programs. Consider relevant matters such as good practice, ethics, national and international trends, practicalities, public opinion, scientific knowledge and the economic implications for those concerned.
    2. Provide advice on any wildlife rehabilitation matter referred to it by the department, government agencies or other persons.
    3. Consider, and where appropriate provide advice on submissions from wildlife rehabilitation organisations and agencies, industry or individuals concerning wildlife rehabilitation.
    4. Assist all relevant government departments in reviewing legislation relevant to the rehabilitation of wildlife.
    5. Liaise and promote networking with all stakeholders particularly registered wildlife care groups, individual permit holders, and all levels of government.
    6. Develop, review and comment on contemporary standards and codes regarding wildlife care and rehabilitation.
    7. Report annually to the relevant minister on the work of QWRC and outcomes.
    8. Where required the council may establish working groups or seek wider consultation to assist it in carrying out its functions.
    9. Represent and provide a collective voice for QWRC members involved in the wildlife rehabilitation industry in Queensland.
    10. Improve the quality and outcomes for rehabilitated wildlife by:
      a)   liaising with government departments and community stakeholders in developing standards and guidelines for the care of wildlife;
      b)   providing to the industry recommendations and information relating to wildlife care;
      c)   advancing and promoting effective monitoring programs for all aspects of the industry and its operations.
    11. Advance and promote cooperation in the conduct of all business activities in a professional manner with honesty, integrity, compassion and commitment: realising that an individual's conduct reflects on the entire field of wildlife rehabilitation.
    12. Advance and promote community awareness, interest and support for native wildlife welfare and conservation.
    13. QWRC will seek to ensure all licensed rehabilitators in Queensland obtain adequate insurance coverage for all relevant activities.

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