QWRC Constitution

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  1. Business Operations
    1. General Meetings
      1. Formal general meetings of the council shall be conducted at a time and venue to be determined and advised by the chair.
      2. The council shall meet at least six (6) times each calendar year.
      3. The council and district committees shall meet at least four (4) times each calendar year.
    2. Annual General Meeting
      1. The annual general meeting (AGM) of the council will be held within three (3) months of the end of the financial year.
      2. At the AGM the audited accounts of the council will be presented along with a report from the chairperson of the work covered by the council in the preceding year.
      3. The Council will endeavour to ensure that annual general meetings are held in different regions each year.
    3. Extraordinary Meetings
      1. The council may conduct extraordinary meetings, if circumstances or the nature of business is urgent or extraordinary. Councillor's will be advised by the Secretary, giving seven (7) days notice and at the same time be provided with all relevant documentation regarding the business to be dealt with at that extraordinary meeting.
    4. Meeting Agenda
      1. Any matter to be included on a meeting agenda should be received by the chairperson at least seven (7) days prior to the next scheduled meeting date.
      2. The chairperson will cause to be circulated an agenda setting out standing business before the council, not less than seven (7) days prior to a general meeting and as early as reasonable prior to an extraordinary meeting.
    5. Quorum
      1. A quorum of the council is constituted by attendance, either in person or by conference telephone, of a minimum of half the current elected councillors or approved representatives plus one.
      2. Should a quorum not be present, all decisions made may be ratified at the next quorate meeting.
      3. Any duly convened meeting at which a quorum is present shall be deemed competent to consider and
        resolve any business of the council or district committee and shall have and exercise all the functions of
        the council or district committee.
      4. Should the quorum present not include the chairperson a replacement chairperson will be elected in accordance with section 5.2.7.
    6. Conduct of Meetings
      1. Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the constitution and by-laws as adopted by the council.
    7. Meeting Minutes
      1. The chairperson of any meeting shall ensure the minutes of each meeting are circulated to councillors, as soon as practicable after each meeting. Minutes of the meeting shall specify each item of business discussed, summarising essential components of discussion, and recording the decisions reached or advice resolved.
      2. The minutes of each meeting shall be confirmed as a true record of that meeting at the next meeting of the council.
      3. A copy of the minutes of each council meeting will be forwarded to and tabled at the next meeting of each district committee.
      4. A copy of the minutes of each district committee meeting will be forwarded to and tabled at the next meeting of the council.
    8. Voting
      1. Current QWRC financial members shall hold only one vote. (see: 5.8.2)
      2. Only councillors or their nominated representative (see: 5.2.2 & 5.8.2) may have the right to vote.
      3. A councillor must notify and obtain approval from the chairperson prior to the commencement of any meeting, if a nominated representative is to attend in their place.
      4. A resolution of the council can only be achieved by a minimum of 75% of votes by current councillors, or their nominated representatives, present at that meeting.
      5. The chair of QWRC will have a casting vote should it be necessary.
    9. Correspondence
      1. Correspondence from and to the council will be listed and made available to all councillors.
      2. Correspondence conveying the council's or district committee's resolutions will be detailed and duly circulated within fourteen (14) days of a meeting at which that determination was resolved.
    10. Confidentiality
      1. The Queensland Wildlife Rehabilitation Council requires that all elected Council members' sign a confidentiality agreement see Appendix 2.
      2. It is understood that in all dealings QWRC will abide by the current Privacy Act
    11. Reporting Requirements
      1. The council will report in writing to the department. The report will include but not be limited to the following:
        a)   chairperson's overview;
        b)   current terms of reference of the council;
        c)   list of issues considered and outcomes achieved during the year;
        d)   recommendations from the council;
        e)   names of elected councillors (Refer 5.2.2 & 5.3.10)
      2. Non-confidential council reports, once accepted by the chairperson, are public documents and may be distributed upon request, or posted on the internet.
    12. Reference Committees
      1. The council may convene reference committees for the purposes of investigating specific issues. The council will determine and specify the terms of reference and structure of such committees.
      2. QWRC will consult the department with regard to providing technical data and/or expert opinion to the reference committees when required in order to further the QWRC objectives.
    13. Reviews
      1. The council shall continue within existing frameworks for a period of not less than three (3) years from the date of incorporation during which time ongoing assessment and review of the council's operations, capacity, strategic and operational planning shall be conducted.
      2. After the initial three (3) year period changes to the constitution and by-laws may be made as required in accordance with the findings of the previous period.
      3. The executive may make, amend or repeal by-laws, not inconsistent with these rules, for the internal management of the council.
      4. A by-law may be set aside by a resolution of members at a general meeting of the council.
      5. Subject to the Associations Incorporation Act 1981, these rules may be amended, repealed or added to by a special resolution carried at a general meeting in accord with clause 6.8.3.
      6. No amendment, repeal or addition is valid unless it is lodged by the Secretary and registered by the chief executive administering the act.
    14. Common Seal
      1. The common seal of QWRC must be:
        a)   kept securely by the executive; and
        b)   used only under the authority of the executive.
      2. Each instrument to which the seal is attached must be signed by a member of the executive and countersigned by-
        a)   the secretary; or
        b)   another member of the executive; or
        c)   someone appointed in writing by the executiv

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