QWRC Constitution

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In this Constitution, except where the contrary intention is expressed, the following definitions are used:

  1. "ACPA" will mean the current Queensland Animal Care and Protection Act.
  2. "Act" will mean the current Queensland Nature Conservation Act.
  3. "Animal" will mean a native animal, as defined under the Act.
  4. "Rehabilitator" will mean a person currently covered by a Queensland Parks and Wildlife rehabilitation permit.
  5. "Code" will mean the Code of Practice for the care of orphaned, sick and injured animals by wildlife care volunteers under the Act.
  6. "Constitution" will mean the constitution of QWRC as detailed in this document.
  7. "Council" will mean the Queensland Wildlife Rehabilitation Council Inc. (QWRC)
  8. "Councillor" will mean a duly elected person who sits on the QWRC.
  9. "Department" will mean the current department which oversees wildlife rehabilitation.
  10. "District" will mean an area as defined in Schedule 2.
  11. "Environment Department" means the Department that:
    (a) deals with matters arising under section 1 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth); and
    (b) is administered by the Minister.
  12. "Environment Minister" means the Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia administering section 1 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth)
  13. "Fund" means the QWRC Public Fund established in clause 7.1.9.
  14. "Group" will mean a wildlife care organisation in Queensland.
  15. "Minister" will mean the Queensland minister responsible for wildlife at the time.
  16. "Rehabilitation" will mean those matters that relate to all aspects of wildlife rehabilitation that come within the
    scope of the Act.
  17. "Resolution" will mean a decision of the council or committee in accordance with clause 6.8.4.
  18. "Federal Treasurer" means the Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia.
  19. "District representative" will mean the person elected by the QWRC members of a district as their representative for that district.
  20. "Executive" will mean the office bearers as appointed from time to time by the council.

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