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Living With Wildlife In Your Backyard

Information and tips on how to live in harmony with native wildlife.

QWRC has, in good faith, given directions for the assistance of sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife but incurs no liability for the actions taken or decisions made.

The list of tasks that could help your local group is almost endless. This page provides some suggestions on how you can offer assistance.

What To Do With Injured Wildlife

How you can help - What you should do if you find sick or injured wildlife and who you should contact if required.

This page also contains further information on the correct handling of birds, marsupials, and echidnas, and provides other special contacts for unique species such as crocodiles, cassowaries and bats.

How To Become A Rehabilitator

Wildlife rehabilitators are volunteers that spend their time, money and resources to rescue, raise and rehabilitate native wildlife. It can be a very rewarding experience but can also be time consuming costly and challenging.

Do you have enough time?
Do you have the financial backing?
Are you tough enough?

If you think this is for you, this page provides the information required on how to apply to become a wildlife rehabilitator.


QWRC is a non for profit organisation. Donations received are used to assist rehabbers in the event of a disaster that effects wildlife. 

Do you require assistance? The relevant form can be accessed on this page.

Links To Other Organisations

QWRC has compiled a list of other websites that may be of interest such as; other charities and organisations, sites that contain useful and important information, and sites for supplies and equipment.

What to do with injured wildlife?

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How can I help?