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Queensland Wildlife Rehabilitation Council Members 2014
By Role & District Represented & by Organisation Represented

District 1: Cape York

Kirsty Philliskirk

Phone: 0427 799 748

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I became a wildlife carer 11 years ago, after rescuing a buff banded rail with a broken wing and from then I was hooked. Not long after I started, my mentor left town so this left me on my own. Talk about being thrown into the deep end.
I then thought well I had to do something, I trained and learnt as much as I could possibly handle and started taking on all the wildlife myself. I also got training in being able to legally euthanize, as there is no permanent vet in Weipa, this seemed to be a harder task than I thought but after 2 years I finally got approval.

I work a full time job as a shipping agent and I couldn’t keep caring alone as it was taking over my life so I looked into starting an organisation in Weipa to cover the whole of Cape York. About 5 years ago I started Weipa Wildlife Care Inc., I now have 5 carers volunteering for me on a full time basis who all full time jobs also.

We take on approx. 200 – 300 animals a year unless there is a cyclone which then we can have up to 500. We rescue approx 80% Birds and 20% others including Wallabies, Wallaroos, Sugar Gliders, Possums, Crocs, Snakes and other reptiles.

Within 5 years I would like to study to become a Wildlife Vet Nurse.

District 2: Wet Tropics (Cairns)

Currently vacant

District 3: Savannah (Townsville)

Janelle Gilmore - Secretary / Minute Taker

Phone: 0437 341 957

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This is Bruiser - Barking Owl. Isn't he just magnificent. I have a mated pair living near us that had 3 babies last year and we observed them teaching them to fly and hunt. Our raptor co-ordinator has recently obtained her Display permit and she has Bruiser and Lady Hawk as display birds for education and photo opportunities and she has another 2 birds who are still in training

I am lucky enough to be at home all the time now so I've been a wildlife carer since April 2012 and just love it. I currently care for macropods and have had agiles and one pretty face wallaby. I am part of the 24hr emergency phone team and Treasurer for our local wildlife group in Townsville and get the opportunity to collect/rescue a range of animals. I have been up close and personal with possums, a peregrine falcon, a pelican, a bat and two baby bandicoots which have been such greatest experiences to have had.  I am mother of 3 kids and have 7 grandkids and one tolerant husband. 

District 4: Mackay

Jacqui Webb - Grants officer

Phone: 0427 176 966

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I rescued my first bird, a baby magpie, when I was in grade 5 (many moons ago now!) and with the help and support of my parents, successfully raised him. There was then a succession of rescued birds. Both my parents and Grandfather bred native parrots, so of course people would always bring injured critters to us.

The passion grew from there. Mum and Dad were always very supportive of my love for animals, putting up (and financing!) all the waifs that I managed to bring home. They recognised this passion and encouraged me to seek a future in this area.
I left school to work as a Veterinary Nurse and studied at TAFE to become a qualified Vet Nurse. I worked in several practices in Adelaide over the years including the After Hours Emergency Centre and lastly for 7 years at the Mile End Veterinary Clinic for Dr Robyn Stokes. Robyn still remembers having her toes lovingly chewed by baby wombats while she was doing surgery!! Robyn is a member of Fauna Rescue Whitsundays and I thank her for her continuing support of my wildlife care (including the toe chewing) and FR.

I joined Bird Care and Conservation Society, SA, in 1986, continuing as a carer and also as a committee member. Over this time I reared and cared for many different species of birds as well as creching magpies and crows. I guess the real novelty then was penguins in the bathtub!!
In this time I ended up rearing brushtail and ringtail possums, totally adorable creatures! This encouraged me to join Fauna Rescue of SA, who dealt with all species of wildlife, which led me on to caring for Red and Western Grey Roos and southern Hairy-nosed wombats as well as assisting with koala rescues.

My home was one of the main ‘rescue centres’ in the southern Adelaide area. My house and garden became a menagerie of rescued wildlife, never a dull moment as my girls and friends will tell you!!  In between all this I did manage to raise two beautiful daughters and now have a gorgeous granddaughter.

Anyway, in 1997 my partner, Tony, decided to pursue his sailing career as a skipper and we moved to the Whitsundays. As there were no Vet Nursing jobs available here I started to volunteer at the local wildlife park, which led to employed work for several years. During this time I realised there really wasn’t a structured wildlife rescue organisation here. Linden (who also worked at the Park) and myself were getting inundated with injured and orphaned wildlife. We needed help!! After much deliberation with fellow wildlife friendly people we managed to co-erce a few of these people to form a committee and Fauna Rescue of Qld was formed in April 2001. The name has recently changed to Fauna Rescue Whitsundays. It was a bit of a long haul, with lots of hard work involved, liaising with government departments etc., raising funds etc. Thanks to a few good people, including our local friendly wildlife rangers, firstly Michael Overland, then Jo Wyeth and now Peter Sykes, we managed to get the organisation incorporated, up and running.

When the wildlife park closed (after being there for 7 years) I started working in the local tourism industry, doing accounts and tour bookings for 2 years. I left this job to work in a local pet supply store but am currently working for YHA QLD, back in the tourism industry.

My current positions in FRQ are Vice-President, Bird/Raptor/Echidna/Koala Co-ordinator. I am also a representative for FR on the stakeholder reference group for the Whitsunday Shire Council’s Biodiversity Levy Committee.

I have a keen interest in wildlife and their environment. I would like to quote a good friend of mine, David, a veterinary surgeon, who has helped me immensely when I lived in Adelaide, caring for injured wildlife…..  Many moons ago now he said “Jac, you need to also concentrate on preserving the environment too, why waste all your hard work and money on rehabilitating these creatures if there is no suitable habitat for them to return to”. These words have echoed in my mind over the last few years and that is why FRQLD is not only caring for the wildlife, but also trying to educate the community and our members about caring for the environment as well.

I have joined QWRC as I strongly believe they are trying to improve wildlife rehabilitation in Qld through guidance and support to all carers, as well as liaising with governmental departments on wildlife rehabilitation issues. I believe I can help them with this as well as support the carers in the Mackay/Whitsunday District.

District 5: Capricorn/Gladstone

Annie Saunders - Chair

Phone: 0427 031 877

Email: click here

I reside on a small mixed fruit orchard in Calliope near Gladstone in Central Queensland.

My first interest in caring for wildlife came as a small child – much to my poor mother’s distress. I often raised young lizards or rehabilitated injured birds, once bringing an injured Sooty Tern home in my school hat, from a High School science excursion to Caloundra. During more recent years I have cared for birds, possums and macropods of many and varied sorts.  I am privileged to have been able to release from our property. 

Early in 2003 I was invited to join the Steering Committee for the development of the Queensland Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (QWRC) to represent Central Queensland. In August 2004 I was given the honour of being elected to the position of Chair of the QWRC and have been re-elected to that position.

I am a retired office administrator. Although I am currently not an active rehabilitator, I am still passionate about wildlife rehabilitation. My time is taken up with the background work relating to running the peak body for wildlife rehabilitators in Queensland along with running our farm and a long arm quilting business.

District 6: Longreach

Kim - Vice Chair


Email: click here

I have lived in Muttaburra, part of Barcaldine Regional Council, for over 15 years. I have, along with my husband, been caring for animals and birds both here and in North Brisbane for over 20 years.  I feel district 6 will benefit from having a representative who can voice the concerns of members and carers in our remote area.


District 7: Wide Bay / Burnett

Judy Elliott - RnR Editor

Phone: 0428 980 814

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I have been a carer over 20 years mainly specialising in the furries and I really love the pinkie macropods. I volunteered for many years at the Moggill Koala Hospital so also cared for lots of Koala joeys. We have Koalas on our land but have not seen one come into care in this area yet.

My husband and I purchased 240 acres in the Rosedale area and had it registered as Glider Gully Nature Refuge with the Queensland government. It is a Eucalypt forest with a wattle and grasstree understorey that backs onto a large State forest. It is home to an enormous variety of wildlife including five species of macropods, Koalas, Long-nosed bandicoots, gliders, and birds together with frogs, snakes, lizards and butterflies. We have yet to identify lots of the critters that we see and hear.

We arrived from the UK in 1988 and were delighted to learn that Koalas were resident in the area (Pine Rivers Shire) where we were buying land. We planted our block with natives and registered it with Land for Wildlife. We joined (and became office bearers) of the local branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld and I later worked for their Head Office in Brisbane. We also became active members of the Society for Growing Australian Plants. It horrifies us to see all the exotic plants that people have in their yards, together with all their cats and dogs!

We sold our property and spent 12 months travelling around Australia, visiting local carers wherever we could. We designed and owner-built an octagonal house in the centre of our block.  We have solar power that we are very happy with, solar hot water and satellite broadband and eventually got a phone line buried beneath our 2km drive!

I am Secretary of the Qld Wildlife Carers and Volunteers group based in Bundaberg. I am also Editor of RnR QWRC’s newsletter. I would like to to meet (or at least be able to contact) the carers resident in District 7 who I represent. I am happy receiving phone calls or emails from other carers.

District 8: South West (Roma)

Judy Collins

Phone: 0407 028 540

Email: click here

District 9: Toowoomba


District 10: Sunshine Coast

Glendell Appleford

Phone: 0413 453 722

Email: click here

I became a registered wildlife carer ten years ago after completing a Wildlife Conservation Course. I had promised myself that once I left my nursing career, I would direct my activities towards conservation and wildlife management. I am currently a member of the Ipswich Koala Protection Society, S.W.A.G (Student Wildlife Association Gatton), W.P.S.Q. (Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland) and an Honorary Park Ranger with Ipswich City Council.

As a generalist wildlife carer, I have great pleasure in caring for all our creatures, great and small from the tiniest feathertail glider which I rescued and raised from five grams through to the big kangaroos. I am also passionate about the birds and bats in my belfry as well. My greatest pleasure is being able to release all of these beautiful creatures back to their natural habitat. However, my greatest sadness is that their habitat is disappearing at an alarming rate. This is why I believe that we need to stay acutely aware of what is happening and to try to ensure that there will be suitable habitats and management of our wildlife for future generations. How privileged we are to share our lives with such unique wildlife.

I am available to discuss any areas of concern that wildlife rehabilitators encounter either by telephone, email or ‘snail mail.’ I look forward to hearing from you.

District 11: South East

Eleanor Pollock


Email: click here

I am a Veterinary Nurse by profession; one of the older generation who stayed in the one job all my working life.  A few offshoots as veterinary educator, wildlife trainer, wildlife carer and rehabilitator by choice, established and worked in veterinary practices in Bowen, Collinsville, Proserpine, moved to Townsville and  lived and worked there for 27years, owned and managed Aachilpa Veterinary Hospital and treated wildlife throughout that time.  Founder member North Queensland Wildlife Care in 1989, founder member of Queensland Wildlife Rehabilitation Council representing District 3, moved to Brisbane in 2013 to become an active grand-parent, now representing District 11.

Other contacts

Vicky Dawson - Treasurer & Member Secretary

Phone: 0419 675 437

Email: click here

I have always been a soft touch as far as animals are concerned, forever finding the baby bird and bringing it home to rear. It was eleven years ago that I enrolled in a number of courses to find out more about wildlife rehabilitation and to properly care for our precious wildlife.

I currently hold a permit with QPWS as an individual rehabilitator but work within a larger network of like minded people who provide support, information and assistance to each other.

I have a thirst for knowledge in relation to our unique wildlife and the importance of protecting their habitat and the environment that we so sadly take for granted.  There is no bird or animal that I would not take in to care for but my favourite is, without a doubt, Flying foxes. I am so taken in by their intelligence and the affection they show.

I have been on the QWRC council for over five years. It has been a huge learning curve with many hours of work now under our belts to reach this stage. It is so gratifying that Queensland rehabbers now understand what QWRC is here for and their acceptance is our reward. All Wildlife rehabbers deserve recognition of the tireless hours that they devote to our wildlife. Any support, assistance, training and advice that QWRC can give to rehabbers will certainly be worth those hours.

Representative Committee Members

DAFF / Bio Security

Greg McDougall
Senior Policy Officer
Animal Welfare Unit 
Biosecurity Queensland
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Floor 5, Primary Industries Building
80 Ann Street, Brisbane  Qld  4000 
GPO Box 46, Brisbane Qld  4001 
Work: (07) 3087 8028 
Mob: 0407 742  392
Email: click here


Deb Hotchkis 
Senior Ranger - Wildlife Partnerships
Wildlife Strategy
Nature Conservation Services
Department of Environment and Heritage Protection 
400 George Street
Brisbane City Q 4001
Phone: (07) 3330 5249
Email: click here


Sheila Collecott
Executive Manager - Animal Focus
RSPCA Queensland
Locked Bag 3000, Archerfield BH QLD 4108 Australia    
Phone: (07) 3426 9986   
Fax: (07) 07 3258 5610
Mobile: 0415 385 597
Email: click here


Kelsey Engle
Curator, Australia Zoo
1638 Steve Irwin way
Beerwah   4519
Work: (07) 5436 2095
Mob: 0407 377 662
Email: click here