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All brochures can be ordered by any non-member for 10 cents each, plus postage, by sending the selected order to us by post or email along with the appropriate Post Pak satchel in the mail with the return address on it so we can do the mail out.

You can send your order request in a stamped self-addressed envelope to:
The Secretary
P.O. Box 488
Archerfield Qld 4108

If you are a member of QWRC please refer to the brochures page in the Members Section to order at members only prices.

    Queensland Wildlife Rehabilitation Council Inc
    Representing Wildlife Rehabilitators

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    What is the Queensland Wildlife Rehabilitation Council?
    How will the Queensland Wildlife Rehabilitation Council improve rehabilitation outcomes?
    The council has tried to ensure that the Queensland Wildlife Rehabilitation Council is represented in most districts.
    Membership application form.

    Wildlife Rescue

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    Simple Tips
    Birds – Adult
    Birds – Baby
    Echidna & Platypus
    Kangaroos – Adult
    Kangaroos – Baby
    Possums & Gliders – Adult
    Possums & Gliders – Baby
    How Can You Help?
    QWRC Contact Details
    Who to Call

    How To Become A Wildlife Rehabilitator

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    So, you want to care for wildlife…
    Do you have enough time?
    Do you have the financial backing?
    Are you tough enough?
    Other ways to help wildlife...


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    Never touch a bat
    Bats are Important
    Australian Bat Lyssavirus is preventable
    Mum and dad
    Fruit tree netting
    Barbed wire

    Protect Your Cat Protect Our Wildlife

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    Don’t cats control rats and mice?
    Don’t cats control snakes?
    Cats threaten the future survival of most wildlife
    Are you a responsible cat owner?
    Do cats harm wildlife?
    How can I protect cats and wildlife?

    Dogs and Wildlife

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    Chasing wildlife
    Walking dogs in bushland
    Keep dogs and wildlife apart
    Barking at wildlife
    Keeping wildlife safe in your backyard
    If your dog attacks wildlife
    Are you a responsible dog owner?